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Virginia Hunters for the Hungry

Giving Back

The National Capital Chapter supports the Virginia Hunters for the Hungry program with both monetary contributions and venison donations from our chapter members. Our chapter donates to financially to help cover the cost of processing, distribution, and the overhead expenses of operation (less than 20% of total expenses). Additionally, hundreds of pounds of venison are donated by our members yearly.

About Hunters For The Hungry

How We Make A Difference

Hunters for the Hungry operates by solicitation of successful hunters to donate venison. The program is a certified 501 (C) (3) organization and to function best, funds are raised to cover the costs of having professional meat processors (butchers) accept, cut, wrap, and freeze the deer donated by hunters in Virginia. Hunters for the Hungry is not supported by any state funds nor are they a United Way Agency.

The hunters of Virginia have made a substantial effort in the fight against hunger, donating a total of 5,565,824 pounds of venison since the program began in 1991! Virginia hunters have made a tremendous difference to our brothers and sisters in need, providing enough venison for 22.2 million quarter pound servings.

The donation of large bodied mature deer help us to use the financial gifts that are given to the program cost-effectively. Donating is simple – just take your legally harvested and field dressed deer to one of our collection points or to one of our participating processors. Processors inspect, cut, wrap, and freeze the meat (most charge a fee reduced from normal rates). The venison is distributed through agencies already equipped for and in the business of feeding the needy. The food provided is a quality high protein, low-fat item not normally available.

Your donation of deer means so much to people who are struggling to make ends meet.  Thank you for sharing your harvest so that others can have quality food to eat. Your kindness and compassion are greatly appreciated.

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